Menchi $8.00
Breaded ground beef,deep fried until golden brown.
Sandwiched with Saruno’s orginal vegetable sauce and sliced cabbage.
Crispy outside, juicy inside.

Sukiyaki $9.00
Sliced beef and onion simmered in soy sauce based soup until soft.
Enjoy the great harmony of the soft beef and Pain de mie burger bun.
Pork Katsu $8.00
Pork tenderloin cutlet, dressed with Saruno’s original sauce.
Sandwiched with cabbage marinated in dill sauce. Choice of Original or Spicy Sauce.
Chicken Tatsuta $8.50
Deep fried chicken thigh, generously dressed with thick teriyaki sauce.
Sandwiched with lettuce, onion, tomato and mayo.
Tsukune $8.50
Ground chicken thigh, minced shiitake mushroom and green onions.
Caramelized soy sauce. Sandwiched with greens and shiso leaves.

Tofu $8.00
Tofu patty! Tofu, green onion and shiitake mushroom.
Sandwiched with greens, red pepper and shiso leave
Kinpira $8.00
Thin Sliced Pork belly, gobo(burdock) and carrot pan fried and
sauteed in spicy soy sauce